Monday, 30 January 2017

Jatropha diesel in Mozambique

At least one company in the world is proud enough to announce that their jatropha production is successful.

Niqel (Jatropha production and oil manufacturing) in Mozaqmbique operates the first industrial, fully mechanised, Jatropha oil mill in the world. The brand new factory is located on a 3 hectare plot in the center of the Niqel Jatropha estate. The incoming Jatropha fruits are turned into Jatropha bio-oil, green energy, Jatropha protein meal, organic pellets and organic fertilizer. The technology for the oil winning process was developed in the Netherlands. The Jatropha bio-oil presents a very promising alternative to diesel oil since it is renewable and has similar properties to the diesel. It can be used in conventional diesel engines without any engine modification, using a blend of 25% Jatropha bio-oil and 75% diesel.

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